We are here to stay.

We are different, we always were and we want to help you to be different too.

Wavi was born in Spain at the beginning of 2010, in one of those conversations that aim to break the schemes, change the world and have no turning back. The fact is that when you bring together people who complement each other by combining ambition, desire to work, to learn and have fun making life easier for others. Absolutely anything is possible.

After ten amazing years of national and international experiences, growing with our own and third-party companies, having developed businesses in an integral way, in 2019 Wavi becomes a dream come true.

This concept is led by our directors and founders Javier Garcia and William Touchard. Followed by an experienced team of experts in the field, willing and ready to face any challenge that is proposed.

The Wavi method consists of answering a series of questions for unlimited growth.


Tell me who you go with and I tell you who you are.

Investing in the right people will allow you to develop a seamless project, after all, companies are people. Growth happens when you find the right people to accompany you in your project.


Don´t give bread to those who have no teeth.

Understanding what we offer and to whom, allows us to choose the right tools to project the right image and then achieve the growth we are looking for in an efficient way. Growth happens when you address the right people in the right way.


Winning starts with not losing.

Our system comprehensively analyzes each business process to make it efficient, as growth starts from the ground up. Sometimes the answers are not where you look for them.


Seek and you will find us.

Companies do not grow by themselves; we use all our experience to offer a winning project tailored to your needs. Growth happens when you take actions for it, and, in Wavi, we recommend you to take them from our hand.

"We strongly believe in a well-done job and in accountability."

— Javier García, CEO & Co-owner


At WAVI we know how important it is to convey a positive image, but we also know that the work behind it is what makes the difference. Our differential is a personalized work based on a multilevel analysis: we work to understand what you do and then we act.

We base our work on using all our tools to transmit the values of our clients in the best possible way, increase the visibility of their business, and consequently, increment their sales.


Our family is made up of incredible specialists, as each one of them is an expert in their field. You learn from experience and we are fortunate to have it on our side. All our services have already been successfully implemented. In WAVI, communication is the key to success. You will enjoy our personalized advice in order that we are always on the same page. We use the term “family” because we feel like one. That’s why we work hand in hand and help each other every day to be better so that others can be better too.

“Growth is not how much we invest but how we invest it.”

— William Touchard, COO & Co-owner